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Q:What specifications do you have?

A:  We have a variety of specifications:0.8mm 0.9mm 1mm 1.1mm 1.2mm, and the material you can choose are marine grade 316 and stainless steel 304, the mesh size is customized according to your requirements.

Q: Can you introduce the specification terms?

A:  Mesh – The number of openings per lineal inch

Aperture– The distance between two adjacent wires

Diameter– The thickness of the wire before weaving

% Open Area– The ratio of the area of the aperture to the area of the mesh expressed in percentage terms

Q: what color do your products have?

A: We have black, grey, white and so on, can be customized according to your requirements, the common color is black.

Q:What standards does Domine stainless steel security mesh meet?

A: Knife Shear Test  (AS5041-2008) 

Salt Spray Tests  (AS2331.3.1)

Dynamic Impact Test  (AS5041-2008)

Jemmy Test  (AS5041-2008)

Q: How long has Domine been in the market?

A:We have been engaged in stainless steel mesh production and sales since 2001,and have rich experience in this field.

Q: Can you give me a sample?

A: Of course, contact our staff and free samples will be sent to you.


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