Galvanized steel mesh

Galvanized steel mesh

Galvanized Steel Screen Mesh

What is galvanized steel screen mesh ?

Galvanized steel screen mesh is made of high quality low carbon galvanized steel wire, woven by precise weaving machine. The surface of the mesh is smooth, the structure is solid, and it has good anti-corrosion property.  Galvanized steel screen mesh is hugely made use of in home and the resort against mosquito and also flies or various other flying worms.The tensile strength of galvanized steel screen mesh  is 350-380 Mpa.

Where is galvanized wire used?

The galvanized steel screen mesh processed by hot-dip galvanizing has a bright and smooth surface, so it has excellent quality and high resistance to damage and mechanical damage. Galvanized steel screen mesh is widely used in agriculture and industry , Transportation and other industries, can effectively prevent the invasion of rats and insects in the residence.


1. The hot-dip galvanized surface prevents rust, and has stronger corrosion and abrasion resistance.

2. Prevent the invasion of insects and mice.

3. The surface is flat and the fire resistance is good.

4. It can be used to protect doors and windows in houses, with high security and privacy, and maintain air circulation.

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