How Is Our Stainless Steel Security Screen Mesh Packaged?

Dec. 18, 2020

For international trade, our stainless steel security mesh will be transported by land and sea and finally delivered to our customers. In order to ensure that products are not damaged during transportation, packaging is very important. The packaging process is as follows:

First, Put a piece of cardboard in plywood case, the main purpose is to keep away moisture.

Second, put the powder coated mesh into the plywood case.

Third, put a smooth piece of paper on the mesh, the main purpose is to prevent friction.

Then place the mesh and paper in the box in turn until it is finished. Then place cardboard on the top of the mesh.

At last, secure the cases with long straps. The whole packing process is completed.

How Is Our Stainless Steel Security Screen Mesh Packaged?cid=5


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