What Is Stainless Steel Mesh

Apr. 27, 2021

What Is Stainless Steel Mesh

Stainless steel security mesh is a kind of metal wire mesh, which is produced by a weaving process specially adapted to this material.

In industry, stainless steel mesh is mainly used for filtration and separation technology. The combination of materials and weaving technology makes it possible to manufacture accurately reproducible mesh media, which is characterized by extremely low pore size changes and high stability of pore geometry.

The stainless steel alloy used is crucial in determining the corrosion, temperature, and strength of the field of use. The currently available materials are made of stainless steel and its alloys, which can be used in extremely corrosive environments and applications exposed to very high temperatures. The stainless steel wire mesh is further refined through welding, brazing, bonding, sintering, and other processes, and can be processed into a specially developed filter element, which is completely suitable for this type of wire mesh.

Stainless steel mesh is also very popular in construction due to its special properties. The ss mesh is not only a design object, because of its wide range of functions.

Introduction to stainless steel

You may not realize that steel is actually an alloy. You can't pull steel out of the ground. You must use iron and various other elements to make it. The vast majority of steel production is for carbon steel, which combines, you guessed it, iron and carbon.

Unfortunately, although iron is strong, it is also prone to rust, which makes it difficult to use for various purposes. The special feature of stainless steel is that it has anti-rust properties.

Stainless steel is composed of iron and at least 11.5% chromium. It usually includes other elements such as carbon, silicon, manganese, and possibly nickel and molybdenum.

What is so special about chromium?

Chromium is the magic ingredient that turns ordinary steel into stainless steel. Why is chromium so important? As mentioned earlier, iron has a bad habit of rusting, which makes it inconvenient to use.

Rusting only means that steel will oxidize when exposed to air or moisture. Once the iron starts to rust, it will quickly bend and weaken. In stainless steel, chromium actually oxidizes, but this passive film helps prevent more corrosion.

Stainless steel is not rust-proof, but it certainly rusts slower than standard carbon steel, which makes it a very useful wire mesh choice.

Stainless steel is strong, sturdy, and reliable. It also prevents rust. Many customers use our wire mesh to set up fences and safety barriers. Some people use it for gardening or in construction. For all these uses, customers do not want to see a metal that will oxidize and rust over time, especially after being hit by rain or sprinklers.

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