Benefits Of Security Mesh Windows

Jun. 10, 2021

Benefits Of Security Mesh Windows

Nowadays, glass windows, sliding doors, and folding doors are becoming more and more popular. Inevitably, many of us still have doubts about the level of security they provide, because a large part of our solid walls are being replaced by fragile glass. When installing security windows and safety doors, our first consideration is definitely their safety, because they are our first line of defense to protect our home from theft and intruders. Modern doors and windows should not only serve aesthetic purposes, but more importantly, they need to be a safety barrier to protect us from illegal intruders, thieves, and strangers.

Therefore, installing security mesh windows and doors is an effective way to keep your property and what is inside it safe. So, let's take a look at the advantages of installing security mesh doors and windows, and what issues should be considered when buying.

What is a security mesh?

In general, a security mesh is a mesh panel used as an anti-penetration barrier behind safety windows and safety doors. The thickness should be greater than 0.35 mm. They can be made of different materials, such as fiberglass, aluminum, and stainless steel. They are woven into a mesh and patented to provide safety and protection. Please keep in mind that the material of the security mesh used in safety doors and windows will affect the level of safety it provides. Among all materials, high-quality stainless steel security mesh has the best impact resistance and cutting quality, providing better safety.

What are the advantages of installing security mesh doors and windows?

1. Rugged and durable

One of the most notable features of the security mesh system is its strength. It is a highly resilient and durable barrier that can withstand any shock and breaking attempts. The characteristic of the finely woven fine mesh makes it impossible to be cut, chipped, or broken by any sharp weapons or even bullets. They can also withstand harsh weather and environmental corrosive factors such as acid rain.

2. Keep insects outside

Security screen mesh can also be used as grills and mosquito nets to prevent pests and keep your comfort unaffected.

3. Improve ventilation and natural light

Without opening the doors and windows, the security mesh allows natural light to enter your residence and helps improve the ventilation of your residence. In addition to giving you fresh air and comfort, you can also reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills.

4. Maintain privacy

This security mesh is like a two-way mirror, providing you with a clear and unobstructed outside world, and passers-by cannot see inside your house. This gives you a feeling of privacy and security.

5. Prospects

The security mesh is suitable for different products such as casement windows, sliding doors, sliding windows, swing doors, and folding doors. They have no restrictions on the venue. Suitable for all kinds of properties and designs, such as villas, bungalows, shops, studios, etc. Compared with traditional steel bars, the security mesh is also very subtle and good from the outside, while traditional steel bars make the building look cold and unpopular. You can also customize different colors and sizes according to your needs and style. The installation of security mesh doors and windows is both beautiful and safe, with two birds with one stone.

What is the cost of the security mesh?

The price range of the security mesh varies according to its material, thickness, strength, and customization. A high-quality stainless steel security mesh is definitely more expensive. However, it has a longer service life, better impact resistance, and is not easy to rust, so it has a higher cost performance index. Color and size customization will also affect the price.

Precautions when installing security screen mesh and doors

It is recommended to check prices and specifications before buying to avoid buying counterfeit products or recycled materials. Ensure that the product meets our national safety requirements and standards. It is best to buy high-quality security mesh doors and windows so that the service life is longer and the quality is guaranteed.

In summary, security mesh doors and windows have many advantages. If you want to improve the safety of your property, installing security mesh doors and windows will be a wise choice.

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