Stainless Steel Security Mesh, Does it rust?

Jun. 09, 2022

Nowadays, security doors and windows are widely used in People's Daily life, stainless steel mesh is an important part of them. The stainless steel wire we used is SS304 and SS316. The nickel-chromium element makes it have good corrosion resistance, after weaving, then pre-treatment and powder-coating, these will increase the corrosion resistance of stainless steel mesh. But why the stainless steel mesh can still rust? There are mainly the following reasons:


1  If the surface is attached with acid, alkali, salt and other substances, it will cause rust.

Decoration materials exist in the process of decoration: alkali water, lime water and so on; If you live near the sea, there will be a lot of salt in the air; strong acid and base cleaners are used on the mesh surface. All of these substances can cause rust.


2  Stainless steel mesh is easy to rust in air containing pollutants.

 If your house is close to a chemical plant, polluting gases encountered in condensate will produce nitric acid, acetic acid and other substances leading to corrosion.


3  Stainless steel surface adhesion of organic sap can also lead to corrosion, such as fruit and vegetable juice, drinks, etc


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How to effectively prevent stainless steel mesh rust?


1  Timely clean

When the stainless steel mesh adhesion dirty things or after raining ( because the rain contains acid substances), they need to be cleaned in time.


2  Regularly clean

The surface of the stainless steel mesh should be cleaned regularly with warm water or neutral cleaner. The closer to the seaside or in the industrial zone, the cleaning should be more frequent. Every six months is recommended for inland areas and every two weeks for coastal and industrial areas. In addition, we recommend SS316 in coastal areas, which has better corrosion resistance.

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