What Is a Security Screen And How Does It Protect Your Home?

Apr. 16, 2021

What Is a Security Screen And How Does It Protect Your Home?

With the availability of security screens, you can now have a highly secure door and window that protects you and your family, while providing a range of other benefits that increase the comfort and aesthetics of your home. Most people mistakenly think that security screens and insect screens are the same things, but this is not the case. Let us take a look at what security screens are and how important they are in ensuring the safety of your home.

What is a security screen?

The security screen adopts a high-strength stainless steel mesh system, which is mainly used for safety purposes to prevent forced entry or intrusion while maintaining ventilation. Whether you use casement windows, double doors, or sliding doors, security screens can be easily installed on different types of doors and windows.

Consumers should know that not all security screens provide the same level of performance and quality. The quality of these screens largely depends on the type of material they use. Stainless steel security screen is considered the best because they are strong, durable and weather-resistant.

Benefits of security screens in home protection

Different from ordinary screens, high-quality security screens have advanced functions to enhance the security of your doors and windows. The security screen must be very sturdy and able to resist various factors such as inclement weather, external forces and impacts, and attempts to cut or destroy.

Other benefits of security screens

Today's security screens are more than just a home safety feature, as they provide other advantages to enhance your home environment as well as:

Anti-mosquito: Since the security screens are composed of carefully woven mesh panels, they can well prevent insects, especially mosquito bites. These security screens can protect people from mosquitoes and other insects.

Window protection for children and pets: Security screens are very suitable for windows on higher floors because they can prevent falls from open windows. This is especially useful in families with children and pets. Even if it is only two stories high, the risk of children and pets falling off from windows and balconies still exists. When your baby is curious about what happens outside the window, the security screen is a strong protective barrier. In addition, if you choose a high-quality screen, the high-quality stainless steel material is enough to withstand pets from scratching or damaging the mesh.

Landscape and ventilation: The best thing about security screens is that you no longer need to sacrifice outdoor views or natural ventilation in order to have a safer window. Although the security screen has a finely woven net, it still allows natural airflow to enter the home efficiently, ensuring that your home is comfortable and ventilated, even if the windows are closed all day.

Improve home aesthetics: Thanks to its good mesh, the security screen integrates beautiful almost any kind of doors and windows. This is a subtle feature that will not affect your open original design, thus ensuring that the facade of your home looks neat and clean. In fact, adding a security screen door and window can sometimes increase the aesthetics of your home, because these screens have a contemporary appeal to them.

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